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Metal(loid) uptake of Sonchus oleraceus grown around Cheshmeh-Konan copper deposit, NW Iran

M. Samadi; S. Torbati; S. Alipour

Volume 10, Issue 2 , April 2019, , Pages 517-528


  Heavy metal(loid) contamination in the environment of mining areas has become an important problem. Cheshemeh-Konan is one of the main copper deposits in NW Iran that is currently abandoned. In the present work, the intensity of some metal(loid) pollutions in the soil of the mining area was assessed ...  Read More

Bio-accumulation of major, trace, and rare earth elements by two Astragalus species grown on Agh-Dareh and Zarshouran gold deposits, Takab, NW Iran

S. Torbati; S. Alipour; M. Rostami; S. Hajializadeh

Volume 9, Issue 2 , April 2018, , Pages 417-429


  The Agh-Dareh and Zarshouran mines are two known active gold deposits in Takab, NW Iran. In the present study, the potentials of two species of Astragalus (A. microcephalus from Agh-Dareh and A. effusus from Zarshouran mines), as the dominant plants grown in these areas, were assessed for the bio-accumulation ...  Read More