Document Type : Case Study


Department of Mining Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran


Processing of gold ores with high sulfide minerals is problematic as they consume cyanide and reduce gold leaching. Optimization of gold leaching and cyanide consumption requires a methodology to estimate the amount of exposed cyanicides, their leaching kinetics, and speciation of cyanide complexes that consume the free cyanide and compete with gold. In this paper, a physico-chemical approach is presented to estimate the liberation and exposure of cyanicides to the leaching solution, and then prediction of the speciation of all possible related species in the solution. The results obtained show that this methodology not only could successfully estimate the gold leaching and cyanide consumption based on the mineralogical data with a lower number of parameters compared to existing empirical models, but also offers the prediction of formation of all the possible complexes that could be used for optimization purposes.


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