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1 shahrood university of technology

2 Shahrood University of Technology


We inverse the surface gravity data to recover subsurface 3D density distribution with two strategy. In the first strategy, we assumed wide density model bound for inverting gravity data and In the second strategy, the inversion procedure have been carried out by limited bound density. Wediscretize the earth model into rectangular cells of constant andunidentified density. The number of cells is often greater than the number of observation points thus we have an underdetermined inverse problem. The densities are estimated by minimizing a cost function subject to fitting the observed data. The synthetic results show that the recovered model from the first strategy is characterized by broad density distribution around the true model, butthat of the second strategy is closer to true models.
We carry out inversion of gravity data taken over chromite deposit located at Hormozgan providence of Iran for estimating of subsurface density distribution. The recovered model obtained from second strategy has appropriate agreement with previous study.