Document Type : Original Research Paper


Civil Engineering Department, Chandigarh University, Mohali, Punjab, India.


An experiment was conducted to evaluate the load-bearing capacity of a soil nailing system that consisted of four 10mm nails and four 12mm nails, reinforced in a slope with three different flexible facing materials: geo-composite facing, aluminium facing, and galvanized iron facing. The nails were spaced 200mm apart horizontally and vertically from centre to centre. The results of the stress-strain test showed that the geo-composite and galvanized iron facings with 12mm diameter nails exhibited high strength of 0.25N/mm2 with less displacement. The relationship between stress, displacement, and the type of nails used with identical facing was examined. The stability of the slope was also analysed to investigate the impact of nail parameters and type of facing on displacement under varying loading conditions.


Main Subjects

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