Document Type : Review Paper


Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra



Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into heritage tourism has opened new avenues for transforming visitors’ engagement with historical sites. This research paper delves into a novel paradigm, focusing on AI integration in inter- and intra-regional mining heritage site planning and design. Recognizing this context's unique challenges and opportunities, the study aims to uncover critical ideas and theories on how AI enhances visitor experience, promotes cultural preservation, sustainability, and stakeholder collaboration. Acknowledging the distinctive challenges and opportunities presented by inter- and intra-regional mining heritage contexts, this research work underscores the critical importance of striking a harmonious equilibrium between technological advancements and preserving historical and cultural legacies. Drawing from a cross-disciplinary approach, the study examines the profound implications of integrating AI into mining heritage sites' planning and design strategies. The study reviews 199 articles on AI-driven planning and design benefits, examining potential advantages. Ethical considerations, algorithmic biases, and the role of interdisciplinary research are also explored. The study highlights the intricate interplay between AI-enhanced engagement, responsible tourism practices, and the meaningful representation of local cultures. By shedding light on this uncharted territory, the research contributes to developing informed strategies that harness AI's potential to shape inter- and intra-regional mining heritage site planning and design, fostering responsible and impactful tourism experiences. By delving into this paradigm, it hopes to arm the researchers, policy-makers, practitioners, and other stakeholders with information and understanding that will help them forge a progressive and morally upright future, in which technology co-exists peacefully with practices for cultural preservation and sustainable tourism.


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