Document Type : Review Paper


1 Faculty of Mining, Petroleum & Geophysics Eng., Shahrood University of Technology, Shahrood, Iran

2 Department of Engineering and Safety, University of Tromsø, Tromsø, Norway, Tromsø, Norway



The mining industry operates in a complex and dynamic environment and faces many challenges that can negatively affect sustainable development goals. To avoid these effects, mining needs to adopt strategic decisions. Therefore, it requires effective decision-making processes for resource optimization, operational efficiency, and sustainability. Multicriteria decision-making methods (MCDM) have been considered valuable decision-support tools in the mining industry. This article comprehensively examines MCDM methods and their applications in the mining industry. This article discusses the basic principles and concepts of MCDM methods, including the ability to prioritize and weigh conflicting, multiple criteria and support decision-makers in evaluating diverse options. According to the results, 1579 MCDM articles in mining have been published from the beginning to April 15, 2023, and a scientometric analysis was done on these articles. In another part of this article, 19 MCDM methods, among the most important MCDM methods in this field, have been examined. The process of doing work in 17 cases of the reviewed methods is presented visually. Overall, this paper is a valuable resource for researchers, mining industry professionals, policymakers, and decision-makers that can lead to a deeper understanding of the application of MCDM methods in mining. By facilitating informed decision-making processes, MCDM methods can potentially increase operational efficiency, resource optimization, and sustainable development in various mining sectors, ultimately contributing to mining projects' long-term success and sustainability.


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