Document Type : Case Study


Department of Mining Engineering, Higher Education Complex of Zarand, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Zarand, Iran


Dynamic frothability index (DFI) is a characteristic of any frother which presents useful information about frothing properties. The objective of this study is to introduce a prediction model for estimation of DFI value of dual-frother blends. Model uses the DFIs of frothers and mole ratio of weaker frother to calculate the blend’s DFI. The model reliability was confirmed by comparing the experimental and predicted DFIs for different frother blends, including n-butanol/MIBC, ethanol/MIBC, isoamyl alcohol/MIBC, and PPG-250/MIBC, with high determination coefficients (> 95%). A reference chart was also proposed for rapid estimation of DFI of frother mixture.