Document Type : Case Study


School of Mining Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Copper smelting slags are hard materials. Therefore,to recover their copper by flotation method, grinding should be carried out to obtain optimal particle size. Copper smelting slags in the Bardeskan district, with work index of 16.24 kwh/st, were grinded for 65 minutes to reach an acceptable degree of freedom for the flotation tests, with particle size of 80%, smaller than 70 μm. With this grinding time, degree of freedom for copper-bearing minerals was achieved 85-90%. The floatation method performed and the procedure used for the optimization of the effective parameters were described in this paper. The results obtained for the flotation tests, carried out at the optimal conditions after grinding the slags (with a grinding time of65 minutes), showed 62.23% of copper recovery, while, by flotation of copper slags at optimal conditions after increasing the grinding time to 85 minutes (d80 = 48µ), the Cu recovery was increased to 79.89%.