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Geological Mapping and Facies characterization of Miocene evaporites along the central- eastern margin of the Gulf of Suez Rift by Remote Sensing and Sedimentological Techniques

Eman M. Kamel; Mohamed S.H. Hammed; Osama E.A. Attia

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 10 November 2023


  In the recent years, the use of ASTER and Landsat data have become prevalent for mapping different types of rock formations. Specifically, this study utilizes ASTER (L1B) and Landsat 8 (AOL) images to map outcrops of various gypsum facies in Ras Malaab area of west-central Sinai. These gypsum facies ...  Read More

Application of Remote Sensing in Lithological Mapping of Umm Tawat Precambrian Rock Assemblage, North Eastern Desert, Egypt

Kamar Samir; Mohamed El-Sharkawi; Ahmed Niazy El-Barkooky; Mohamed Saleh Hassan Hammed

Volume 14, Issue 2 , April 2023, , Pages 473-491


  The Precambrian rock assemblages of Umm Tawat area in the North Eastern Desert of Egypt have a distinctive ENE-trending exposure of Hammamat sediments (HS) between the Gebel Gattar granitic pluton and the volcanoclastic succession of Gebel El Dokhan. The present work applies the Landsat-8 data and image ...  Read More