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Cadmium Oxide Nanoparticles as A Novel Photo-Catalyst for Degradation of Ciprofloxacin Antibiotic in Aqueous Media

M. Mahjoore; A. Aryafar; M. Honarmand

Volume 13, Issue 1 , January 2022, , Pages 155-164


  In the present work, the cadmium oxide (CdO) nanoparticles (NPs) are synthesized using the Ferula extract. Ferula acts as a naturally-sourced reducing agent and stabilizer for the construction of the CdO NPs. The biosynthesized CdO NPs are characterized by different techniques such as X-ray powder diffraction ...  Read More

Application of non-linear regression and soft computing techniques for modeling process of pollutant adsorption from industrial wastewaters

A. Aryafar; R. Mikaeil; F. Doulati Ardejani; S. Shaffiee Haghshenas; A. Jafarpour

Volume 10, Issue 2 , April 2019, , Pages 327-337


  The process of pollutant adsorption from industrial wastewaters is a multivariate problem. This process is affected by many factors including the contact time (T), pH, adsorbent weight (m), and solution concentration (ppm). The main target of this work is to model and evaluate the process of pollutant ...  Read More

Local multivariate outliers as geochemical anomaly halos indicators, a case study: Hamich area, Southern Khorasan, Iran

H. Moeini; A. Aryafar

Volume 8, Issue 2 , April 2017, , Pages 179-189


  Anomaly recognition has always been a prominent subject in preliminary geochemical explorations. Among the regional geochemical data processing, there are a range of statistical and data mining techniques as well as different mapping methods, which serve as presentations of the outputs. The outlier’s ...  Read More