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Highest-Level Implementation of Push–Relabel Algorithm to Solve Ultimate Pit Limit Problem

M. Talaei; A. Mousavi; A. R. Sayadi

Volume 12, Issue 2 , April 2021, , Pages 443-455


  Nowadays due to the existence of the economic and geological uncertainties and the increasing use of scenario-based project evaluation in the design of open-pit mines, it is necessary to find an exact algorithm that can determine the ultimate pit limit in a short period of time. Determining the ultimate ...  Read More

Ultimate Pit Limit Optimization using Boykov-Kolmogorov Maximum Flow Algorithm

A. David Mwangi; Z. Jianhua; H. Gang; R. Muthui Kasomo; I. Mulalo Matidza

Volume 12, Issue 1 , January 2021, , Pages 1-13


  The ultimate pit limit optimization (UPLO) serves as an important step in the mine planning process. Various approaches of maximum flow algorithms such as pseudo-flow and push-relabel have been used for pit optimization, and have given good results. The Boykov-Kolmogorov (BK) maximum flow algorithm has ...  Read More