The massive sulphide deposit at Kantienpan Cu-Zn mine is hosted by volcano sedimentary succession known as the
Areachap Group, in the eastern part of Namaqua Metamorphic Province, South Africa. The deposits were affected by a
complex deformation and metamorphic history and represent examples of upper amphibolite to granulite grade
metamorphosed volcanic-hosted massive sulphide (VHMS) deposits. The principal purpose of this research is to
characterise the primary geochemical halo’s related to VHMS deposits in this mine. Lithogeochemical characterization
of the primary haloes is based on borehole samples of the footwall, ore zone and hanging wall successions.
Geochemically, the ore zone and alteration zones at Kantienpan VHMS ore deposit display a high peraluminous ratio
confirming the peraluminous nature of these zones as indicated mineralogically and lithologically. The intervals
identified in sampled borehole core with low CaO and Na2O and with high MgO and K2O contents represent the
alteration zone in the original footwall rocks of the deposit.