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Application of Schmidt rebound number for estimating rock strength under specific geological conditions

S. R. Torabi; M. Ataei; M. Javanshir

Volume 1, Number 2 , July 2010


  A literature review revealed that most of the empirical equations introduced for determination of the uniaxial compressive strength (UCS) of rocks based on the Schmidt hammer rebound number (N) are not sufficiently reliable mostly due to the relatively low coefficient of correlations. This is ...  Read More

Inverse modeling of HEM data using a new inversion algorithm

A. R. Arab-Amiri; A. Moradzadeh; N. Fathianpour; B. Siemon

Volume 1, Number 2 , July 2010


  Helicopter-borne frequency-domain electromagnetic (HEM) surveys are used extensively for mineral and groundwater exploration and a number of environmental investigations. To have a meaningful interpretation of the measured multi- frequency HEM data, in addition to the resistivity maps which are ...  Read More

Assessment of water quality due to Wolfram mining in Portugal

V. F. Navarro-Torres; R. N. Singh

Volume 1, Number 2 , July 2010


  Water has an important role in creating pollution problems in the mining regimes influencing the surrounding surface environment. The purpose of this study is to make an assessment of groundwater quality in an underground mine site in Portugal with a view of determining the pollution potential ...  Read More

Geochemical and mineralogical characteristic of the VHMS alteration pipe, major elements variations and peraluminous ratio, in high grade metamorphosed rocks

R. Ghavami-Riabi; H.F.J. Theart

Volume 1, Number 2 , July 2010


  The massive sulphide deposit at Kantienpan Cu-Zn mine is hosted by volcano sedimentary succession known as the Areachap Group, in the eastern part of Namaqua Metamorphic Province, South Africa. The deposits were affected by a complex deformation and metamorphic history and represent ...  Read More

An improved method for geological boundary detection of potential field anomalies

A. H. Ansari; K. Alamdar

Volume 1, Number 2 , July 2010


  Potential field methods such as gravity and magnetic methods are among the most applied geophysical methods in mineral exploration. A high-resolution technique is developed to image geologic boundaries such as contacts and faults. Potential field derivatives are the basis of many ...  Read More

Determination of the largest pit with the non-negative net profit in the open pit mines

J. Gholamnejad; A.R. Mojahedfar

Volume 1, Number 2 , July 2010


  The determination of the Ultimate Pit Limit (UPL) is the first step in the open pit mine planning process. In this stage that parts of the mineral deposit that are economic to mine are determined. There are several mathematical, heuristic and meta-heuristic algorithms to determine UPL. The optimization ...  Read More