Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 School of Mining Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran. Iran

2 Rock Mechanics Specialist, Thurber Engineering Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada


In many engineering constructions, the foundations should be built adjacent to each other. Therefore, the effect of interfering of close foundations should be considered in the design stage. In this research work, the effect of interference of closely separated foundations resting on a slope on the elastic settlement is investigated by considering a semi-analytical solution. The distribution of stress due to the footing pressure in the slope is computed by a proposed Airy stress function, and then by employing the finite difference scheme, the displacement of the footings is calculated. The results obtained show that by increasing the distance between the foundations, the interference influence on the ratio of settlement will be diminished. However, this behavior is highly linked to the slope characteristics. For a slope with a height of 10 times of footing width, beyond an S/B ratio larger than 10, the effect of interference is not tangible, and the footings behave like an isolated foundation. By decreasing the slope height, this behavior will occur at a lower S/B.


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