Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Faculty of Land Resources Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Yunnan, China

2 Department of Mining Engineering, Karakoram International University (KIU), Gilgit, Pakistan

3 Department of Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering, NUST, Balochistan Campus, Quetta, Pakistan


The study utilizes the Limit Equilibrium Method (LEM) to investigate slope movements. These movements were initially generated by construction activities at the slope's base, and subsequent events were driven by seismic activities, as the study studied area lies within the Main Karakoram Thrust (MKT) and Main Mantle Thrust (MMT) zones. Soil samples, characterized by a moisture content of 13% and a dry unit weight of 18.14 kN/m³ were analyzed. The study revealed that an increase in saturation caused by rainwater infiltration, resulted in a reduction in unconfined compression strength, decreasing from 712 kPa to 349 kPa. The shear strength and deformation parameters (cohesion, angle of internal friction, and deformation modulus) were also examined with varied degrees of saturation. The results revealed a decrease in these parameters as the percentage of saturation increased from 30% to 90%. The slope stability study revealed that the Factor of Safety (FOS) reduced from 1.85 to 0.86 as the saturation of the material raised from 30% to 90%. To assess the influence of unit weight, cohesion, and angle of internal friction on the FOS, multiple cases were considered. The analysis revealed that the FOS increased with higher cohesion and angle of internal friction, while an increase in unit weight resulted in a lower factor of safety. Furthermore, stability of the slope was evaluated by modifying the slope geometry such as lowering the height. According to the GeoStudio investigation, the slope remained steady even at saturation levels exceeding 80%.


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