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Original Research Paper Exploration
Mineral Prospectivity Modeling over Julie Tenement of Northwestern Ghana using Geophysical Datasets

Prince Ofori Amponsah; Eric Dominic Forson

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 791-816


  This study was set out to delineate prospective zones of gold mineralization occurrence over the Julie tenement of Northwestern Ghana using two spatial statistical techniques, namely information value (IV) and weight of evidence (WofE) models. First, 110 locations, where gold (Au) mineralization has ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Exploration
Analysis of Land Subsidence in Joshimath Township using GIS and Remote Sensing

Kaustubh Sinha; Priyangi Sharma; Anurag Sharma; Kanwarpreet Singh; Murtaza Hassan

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 817-843


  In this expansive study, a thorough analysis of land subsidence in the Joshimath area has been conducted, exercising remote sensing (RS) and Geographic Information System (Civilians) tools. The exploration encompasses colourful pivotal parameters, including Annual Rainfall, Geology, Geomorphology, and ...  Read More

Case Study Exploitation
Assessing Operational Damage Impact on Mining Tires (Case Study)

Israel Mamani; Angelica Vivanco; Eslainer Avendaño

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 845-861


  In open-pit mining operations, loading and haulage activities account for a significant portion, typically between 50% and 60%, of the operational costs of the entire mining process. Tires, in turn, rank second in terms of operating costs for most mining companies. Therefore, understanding and preserving ...  Read More

Review Paper Environment
Exploring Dark Tourism in Mining Heritage: Competitiveness and Ethical Dilemmas

Aditi Nag; Smriti Mishra

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 863-887


  This review paper delves into the burgeoning cultural phenomenon of dark tourism, specifically exploring its connection with Mining Heritage Towns (MHTs). The paper navigates the intricate interplay between tourism competitiveness and ethical considerations in these sites laden with historical trauma ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Exploration
Prediction of Iron Ore Grade using Artificial Neural Network, Computational Method, and Geo-statistical Technique at El-Gezera Area, Western Desert, Egypt

Ashraf Ismael; Abdelrahem Khalefa Embaby; Faissal Ali; Hussin Farag; Sayed Gomaa; Mohamed Elwageeh; Bahaa Mousa

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 889-905


  The mineral resource estimation process necessitates a precise prediction of the grade based on limited drilling data. Grade is crucial factor in the selection of various mining projects for investment and development. When stationary requirements are not met, geo-statistical approaches for reserve estimation ...  Read More

Review Paper Rock Mechanics
Application of Machine Learning Techniques in Slope Stability Analysis: A Comprehensive Overview

Arun Kumar Sahoo; Debi Prasad Tripathy; Singam Jayanthu

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 907-921


  The mining industry needs to accept new-age autonomous technologies and intelligent systems to stay up with the modernization of technology, to benefit the shake of investors and stakeholders, and most significantly, for the nation, and to protect health and safety. An essential part of geo-technical ...  Read More

Review Paper Environment
Applications of IoT Framework for Underground Mine Safety: Limitations and Solutions

Jitendra Pramanik; Singam Jayanthu; Dr Abhaya Kumar Samal

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 923-942


  The environmental conditions present in underground (UG) mines working site significantly impacts the productivity, efficiency, effectiveness as well as threatened security levels. Consequently, maintaining safety in mineral excavation process requires continuous monitoring of the intricate and perilous ...  Read More

Case Study Rock Mechanics
Impact Of Open-pit Mining Expansion on Slope Stability at Pt. Hikari Jeindo, Langgikima, North Konawe, Indonesia

Sahrul Poalahi Salu; Bima Bima

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 943-959


  Expansion of mining pit is associated with an increased risk of slope instability and high costs. This is because changes in geometry of the mine slope significantly affect slope stability, alter the stripping ratio, and potentially threaten the continuity of mining operations. Therefore, this research ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Environment
Analysis of Concentration of Ambient Particulate Matter in the Surrounding Area of an Opencast Coal Mine using Machine Learning Techniques

Podicheti Ravi Kiran; Ramchandar Karra

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 961-976


  Opencast coal mines play a crucial role in meeting the energy demands of a country. However, the operations will result in deterioration of ambient air quality, particularly due to particulate emissions. The dispersion of particulate matter will vary based on the mining parameters and local meteorological ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Rock Mechanics
Estimating Uniaxial Compressive Strength of Pyroclastic Rocks using Soft Computing Techniques

Ekin Koken

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 977-990


  In this study, several soft computing analyses are performed to build some predictive models to estimate the uniaxial compressive strength (UCS) of the pyroclastic rocks from central Anatolia, Turkey. For this purpose, a series of laboratory studies are conducted to reveal physico-mechanical rock properties ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Exploration
Enhanced Geo-technical Methods for Evaluating Slope Stability in Unconsolidated Strata: A Comprehensive Analysis

Irshad Khan; Afayou Afayou; Naeem Abbas; Asghar Khan; Numan Alam; Kausar Sultan Shah

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 991-1010


  The study utilizes the Limit Equilibrium Method (LEM) to investigate slope movements. These movements were initially generated by construction activities at the slope's base, and subsequent events were driven by seismic activities, as the study studied area lies within the Main Karakoram Thrust (MKT) ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Exploration
Copper Ore Grade Prediction using Machine Learning Techniques in a Copper Deposit

Jairo Jhonatan Marquina Araujo; Marco Antonio Cotrina Teatino; José Nestor Mamani Quispe; Eduardo Manuel Noriega Vidal; Juan Antonio Vega Gonzalez; Juan Vega-Gonzalez; Juan Cruz-Galvez

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 1011-1027


  The objective of this research work to employ machine learning techniques including Multilayer Perceptron Artificial Neural Networks (ANN-MLP), Random Forests (RFs), Extreme Gradient Boosting (XGBoost), and Support Vector Regression (SVR) to predict copper ore grades in a copper deposit located in Peru. ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Environment
Evaluation of Slope Stability under Geological Conditions using Multi-Factorial Fuzzy Classification System

Morteza Niromand; Reza Mikaeil; Mehran Advay; Masoud Zare Naghadehi

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 1029-1049


  Slope instability can occur due to external loads such as earthquakes, explosions, and pore pressures. In addition, under natural conditions, slope instability can be caused by factors such as the erosion of some parts of the slope due to water or wind currents and the gradual rise of groundwater levels. ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Rock Mechanics
On 2D Discrete Element Analyses of Transversely Isotropic Elastic Geo-materials; Insight to Scale Effects and Loading Rate

Vahab Sarfarazi; Hadi Haeri; Mohammad Fatehi Marji; Gholamreza Saeedi

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 1051-1070


  The mechanical behaviour of transversely isotropic elastic rocks can be numerically simulated by the discrete element method. The successive bedding layers in these rocks may have different mechanical properties. The aim of this research work is to investigate numerically the effect of anisotropy on ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Rock Mechanics
Coupling Discontinuous Deformation Analysis and Displacement Discontinuity Method for Simulating Failure Mechanism in Geomaterials

Mohsen Khanizadeh Bahabadi; Alireza Yarahamdi Bafghi; Mohammad Fatehi Marji; Hossein Shahami; Abolfazl Abdollahipour

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 1071-1087


  Complexity of geomaterial’s behavior is beyond the capabilities of conventional numerical methods alone for realistically model rock structures. Coupling of numerical methods can make the numerical modeling more realistic. Discontinuous Deformation Analysis (DDA) and Displacement Discontinuous ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Exploration
Combination of Geochemical and Structural Data to Determine Exploration Target of Copper Hydrothermal Deposits in Feizabad District

Mobin Saremi; Saeed Yousefi; Mahyar Yousefi

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 1089-1101


  The Mineral Prospectivity Mapping (MPM) is a procedure of integrating various exploration data to identify promising areas for follow up mineral exploration programs. MPM facilitates identification of mineral deposit prospects through reducing search spaces for the purpose of mitigating cost and time ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Rock Mechanics
Cutting Tools Wear in Soft Ground Tunneling: Field and Experimental Insights

Sadegh Amoun; Hamid Chakeri

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 1103-1129


  This study is an attempt to design and manufacture a tunnel boring machine (TBM) simulator to better understand the interaction between soil and cutting tools, due to the lack of an accepted method for this issue. In this paper, Sahand Soil Abrasion Test (SSAT) is introduced, which is built by the Sahand ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Mineral Processing
Extracting Alumina from a Low-grade (Shale) Bauxite Ore using a Sintering Process with Lime-soda followed by Alkali Leaching

Reza Khodadadi Bordboland; Asghar Azizi; Mohammad Reza Khani

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 1131-1148


  The global growth of aluminum demand with the modernization of our society has led to the interest in developing alternative methods to produce aluminum from non-bauxite and low-grade resources such as shale bauxites. For such reserves, the conventional Bayer process is challenging and is not efficient ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Rock Mechanics
Evaluation the Effect of Blast Pattern on Overbreak Area around the Miyaneh-Ardabil Railway Tunnel

Sajjad Khalili; Masoud Monjezi; Hasel Amini Khoshalan; Amir Saghat foroush

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 1149-1160


  Determining the appropriate blasting pattern is important to prevent any damage to the tunnel perimeter in conventional tunneling by blasting operation in hard rocks. In this research work, the LS-DYNA software and numerical finite element method (FEM) are used for simulation of the blasting process ...  Read More

Original Research Paper Rock Mechanics
Urban Tunneling Risk Management: Ground Settlement Assessment through Proportional Hazards Modeling

Ali Kazempour Osalou; Sayfoddin Moosazadeh; Ali Nouri Qarahasanlou; Mohammad-Reza Baghban Golpasand

Volume 15, Issue 3 , May 2024, Pages 1161-1175


  Nowadays, tunnel excavation plays a major role in the development of countries. Due to the complex and challenging ground conditions, a comprehensive study and analysis must be done before, during, and after the excavation of tunnels. Hence, the importance of study and evaluation of ground settlement ...  Read More