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Alumina Extraction by Lime-soda Sinter Process from Low-grade Bauxite Soil of Semirom Mine

Elahe Ghaemmaghami; Mohamad Reza Samadzadeh Yazdi; Mohammad Amin Darvishi; Ali akbar Sadati; Abbas Najafi

Volume 13, Issue 4 , October 2022, , Pages 1159-1169


  As the mass ratio of alumina to silica (A/S ratio) in bauxite decreases, the cost of alumina production by the Bayer process sharply increases. With the increasingly fierce competition in the alumina industry and the gradual reduction in bauxite grade, when the A/S ratio drops to 3-4, the Bayer process ...  Read More

Investigation of external work, fracture energy and fracture toughness of oil well cement sheath using HCCD test and CSTBD test

vahab sarfarazi; Mohammad Omidi manesh; nima babanouri; amir rezaei

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 12 February 2023


  This work presents the hollow center cracked disc (HCCD) test and the cracked straight through Brazilian disc (CSTBD) test of oil well cement sheath using the experimental test and Particle Flow Code in two-dimensions (PFC2D) in order to determine mode I fracture toughness of cement sheath. The tensile ...  Read More

A developed approach based on grinding time to determine ore comminution properties

Negar Saeidi; Dariush Azizi; Mohammad Noaparast; Soheila Aslani; R Ramadi

Volume 4, Issue 2 , July 2013, , Pages 105-112


  In this paper, iron ore sample from the Chadormalu was investigated to determine some comminution properties. Chadormalu deposit is one of the largest iron ore mine in Iran, which is located in Yazd province. The representative ore sample contained 57%Fe, 0.9%P and 0.17%S. The sample was crushed; afterward, ...  Read More

A comparative study of fractal models and U-statistic method to identify geochemical anomalies; case study of Avanj porphyry system, Central Iran

B. Shokouh Saljoughi; A. Hezarkhani; E. Farahbakhsh

Volume 9, Issue 1 , January 2018, , Pages 209-227


  The most significant aspect of a geochemical exploration program is to define and separate the anomalous values from the background. In the past decades, geochemical anomalies have been identified by means of various methods. Most of the conventional statistical methods aiming at defining the geochemical ...  Read More

Studying Effect of Modifying Nano-Mineral Adsorbents on Efficiency of Dye Removal from Industrial Effluents

A. Agah; N. Falahati

Volume 12, Issue 1 , January 2021, , Pages 219-233


  In this research work, the potential capability of nano-clay and tonsil, as low-cost and domestic adsorbents, for the elimination of a cationic dye, (CR18) from contaminated water is investigated. The surface properties of the adsorbents are studied by means of the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) ...  Read More

Rock Mechanics
A comparison between effects of earthquake and blasting on stability of mine slopes: a case study of Chadormalu open-pit mine

R. Shafiei Ganjeh; H. Memarian; M. H. Khosravi; M. Mojarab

Volume 10, Issue 1 , January 2019, , Pages 223-240


  Dynamic slope stability in open-pit mines still remains a challenging task in the computational mining design. Earthquake and blasting are two significant sources of dynamic loads that can cause many damages to open-pit mines in active seismic areas and during exploitation cycles. In this work, the effects ...  Read More

CFD-based Modeling of Sarin Gas Dispersion in a Subway Station–A Hypothetical Scenario

M. Hosseini; H. Madani; K. Shahriar

Volume 13, Issue 1 , January 2022, , Pages 235-251


  The main purpose of this work is modeling the dispersion of the sarin gas in a subway station in a hypothetical scenario. The dispersion is modeled using the CFD approach. In the analysis of the environmental conditions of the underground spaces, the only factor that draws a distinction between a subway ...  Read More

Rock Mechanics
Numerical Modeling of Rock Slopes with a Potential of Block-Flexural Toppling Failure

H. Sarfaraz; M. Amini

Volume 11, Issue 1 , January 2020, , Pages 247-259


  One of the most important instabilities of rock slopes is toppling failure. Among the types of toppling failure, block-flexural failures are more common instability which occurs in nature. In this failure, some rock blocks break because of tensile stresses, and some overturn under their weights, and ...  Read More

Experimental Evaluation and Discrete Element Modeling of Shale Delamination Mechanism

Enayatallah Emami Meybodi; Syed Khaliq Hussain; Mohammad Fatehi Marji

Volume 14, Issue 1 , January 2023, , Pages 259-276


  In this research work, X-ray diffraction (XRD) tests and petrographic studies are performed to analyze the mineral composition and lamination in the shale rock specimens. Afterward, point load (PL) and uniaxial compressive strength (UCS) tests are carried out on the anisotropic laminated shale rock. ...  Read More

Using selective sequential extraction techniques to evaluate tendency of soil fractions in Cd removal by Fe3O4 nanoparticles in continuous flow system

M Mohammadiun; B. Dahrazma; Seyed F. Saghravani; A. Khodadadi Darban

Volume 9, Issue 2 , April 2018, , Pages 473-484


  Use of nanotechnology has proven to be a promising approach toward remediation of all phases of environment. The aim of this work is to investigate the effects of different parameters on using iron III oxide nanoparticles in a continuous flow configuration for the removal of Cd2+ ionsfrom contaminated ...  Read More

Using a combination of genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization algorithm for GEMTIP modeling of spectral-induced polarization data

F. Sharifi; A.R. Arab Amiri; A. Kamkar Rouhani

Volume 10, Issue 2 , April 2019, , Pages 493-505


  The generalized effective-medium theory of induced polarization (GEMTIP) is a newly developed relaxation model that incorporates the petro-physical and structural characteristics of polarizable rocks in the grain/porous scale to model their complex resistivity/conductivity spectra. The inversion of the ...  Read More

Characterization of microstructural changes of mechanically activated ilmenite

H. Ebadi; P. Pourghahramani; B. Nemati akhgar

Volume 12, Issue 2 , April 2021, , Pages 515-528


  Structural changes of mechanically-activated ilmenite during milling by a planetary mill are monitored and determined as a function of the milling time. The maximum specific BET surface area of 10.76 m2/g is obtained after 150 min of milling. The results obtained indicate that agglomeration of the particles ...  Read More

Effect of Glass and Polypropylene Hybrid Fibers on Mode I, Mode II, and Mixed-Mode Fracture Toughness of Concrete Containing Micro-Silica and Limestone Powder

D. Fakhri; M. Hosseini; M. Mahdikhani

Volume 13, Issue 2 , April 2022, , Pages 559-577


  Fracture toughness is an important concrete property that controls crack extension and concrete fracture. Concrete is the most widely used material in civil engineering containing the most conventional and cheapest materials. Accordingly, cracks and fractures may cause irreparable damages. To this end, ...  Read More

A Modified Schimazek’s F-abrasiveness Factor for Evaluating Abrasiveness of Andesite Rocks in Rock Sawing Process

J. Ziaei; S. Ghadernejad; A. Jafarpour; R. Mikaeil

Volume 11, Issue 2 , April 2020, , Pages 563-575


  One of the most crucial factors involved in the optimum design and cost estimation of rock sawing process is the rock abrasivity that could result in a significant cost increase. Various methods including direct and indirect tests have been introduced in order to measure rock abrasivity. The Schimazek’s ...  Read More

Application of VENTSIM 3D and mathematical programming to optimize underground mine ventilation network: A case study

S. Maleki; F. Sotoudeh; F. Sereshki

Volume 9, Issue 3 , July 2018, , Pages 741-752


  Ventilation is a vital component of an underground mining operation, used to guarantee a safe atmosphere for workers and survive them from the hazardous and toxic gases. In the recent years, engineers have begun to apply new operation research techniques in order to optimize the ventilation systems to ...  Read More

Mineral Processing
Studying ilmenite dissolution using mechanical activation method

H. Ebadi; P. Pourghahramani; E. Dehgani; M. Ganjeh

Volume 10, Issue 3 , July 2019, , Pages 763-776


  In this work, the effects of temperature, acid concentration, and mechanical activation on dissolution of ilmenite were studied using the statistical design of experiment technique. Mechanical activation was carried out using a planetary ball mill in dry mode, and the resulting structural changes were ...  Read More

Study of Effect of Cooling/Lubricating Fluids, Machining Parameters, and Rock Mechanical Properties on Penetration Rate in Rock Drilling Process

Sh. Khosravimanesh; M. Cheraghi Seifabad; R. Mikaeil; R. Bagherpour

Volume 12, Issue 3 , July 2021, , Pages 825-843


  In most rock drilling operations, the low rate of penetration (ROP) can be primarily attributed to the presence of the cuttings produced during drilling and the thermal stresses caused by friction at the bit-rock interface, which can be exacerbated with the increasing strength, hardness, and abrasivity ...  Read More

Integrating Geophysical Attributes with New Cuckoo Search Machine-Learning Algorithm to Estimate Silver Grade Values–Case Study: Zarshouran Gold Mine

A. Alimoradi; B. Maleki; A. Karimi; M. Sahafzadeh; S. Abbasi

Volume 11, Issue 3 , July 2020, , Pages 865-879


  The exploration methods are divided into the direct and indirect categories. Among these, the indirect geophysical methods are more time- and cost-effective compared with the direct methods. The target of the geophysical investigations is to obtain an accurate image from the underground features. The ...  Read More

An Investigation into Bench Health Monitoring under Blast Loading in Hoek-Brown Failure Criterion using Finite Difference Method

Seyed A. Mousavi; K. Ahangari; K. Goshtasbi

Volume 13, Issue 3 , July 2022, , Pages 875-889


  Blast and stress release create cracks, fractures, and excavation damage zone in the remaining rock mass. Bench health monitoring (BHM) is crucial regarding bench health and safety in blast dynamic loading. Several empirical criteria have been proposed for a quick estimation of different parameters of ...  Read More

Rock Mechanics
Simulating energy method for grout-induced crack analysis of rock structures at Chadormalu mine by extended finite element method

S. Ali Madadi; A. Majdi; M. H. Khosravi; A.R. Kargar

Volume 9, Issue 4 , October 2018, , Pages 999-1008


  Fracture mechanics is a vital component involved in studying the exact behavior of rock materials. Detection and assessment of the behavior of rock joints injected by grout plays an important role in numerical modelling in rock mechanic projects. The importance of mechanisms associated with initiation ...  Read More

Geostatistical and multi-fractal modeling of geological and geophysical characteristics in Ghalandar Skarn-Porphyry Cu Deposit, Iran

S. Salarian; O. Asghari; M. Abedi; S. K. Alilou

Volume 10, Issue 4 , October 2019, , Pages 1061-1081


  This work aims at figuring out the spatial relationships between the geophysical and geological models in a case study pertaining to copper-sulfide mineralization through an integrated 3D analysis of favorable target. The Ghalandar Skarn-Porphyry Cu Deposit, which is located in NW Iran, is selected for ...  Read More

Stochastic Stability Analysis of Tunnels Considering Randomness of Rock Mass Properties

M. Mazraehli; Sh. Zare; M. Adebayo Idris

Volume 12, Issue 4 , October 2021, , Pages 1123-1141


  The purpose of this work is to present an approach for the probabilistic stability analysis of tunnels considering the heterogeneity of geo-mechanical properties. A stochastic procedure is followed to account for the variability in the rock mass property characterization. The finite difference method ...  Read More

A Proposed Biochemical Protocol to Isolate and Characterize Acidophilic Bacteria from Tailings Soil

Z. Piervandi; A. Khodadadi Darban; Seyed M. Mousavi; M. Abdollahi; Gh.R. Asadollahfardi; K. Akbari Noghabi

Volume 11, Issue 4 , October 2020, , Pages 1157-1171


  Indigenous acidophilic bacteria separated from mine-waste can be used in return for the addition of the reagents like sulfuric acid. Among the tailings bacteria, Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans and Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans are of the most-studied ones for the bioleaching and bioremediation of elements. ...  Read More

An Environmentally Friendly Method for Recovery of Metals from Cathode Material of Lithium-Ion Batteries using L-Glutamic, Malonic, and Ascorbic acid

Laleh Sohbatzadeh; Sied Ziaedin Shafaei Tonkaboni; Mohammad Noaparast

Volume 13, Issue 4 , October 2022, , Pages 1171-1188


  In this research work, with a simple, safe, and environmentally friendly approach to hydrometallurgy, a method for the recovery of lithium (Li), cobalt (Co), and nickel (Ni) from LIBs is suggested. The cathode materials are leached by malonic acid, as the leaching agent, and ascorbic acid, as the reducing ...  Read More

An integrated geostatistical methodology for an optimum resource estimation of the Angouran underground mine

Mohammad Rezaei; Milad Ghasemi

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 19 March 2023


  Resource estimation and determining the grade distribution is one of the most important stages in planning and designing the open-pit and underground mines. In this work, a new mythology is used for resource estimation of the Angouran underground mine based on the optimized integration of the indicator ...  Read More